12 thoughts on “Do thigh high nylons stay up?

  1. Bobcats Babe #7

    yes they do, i wear them and they stay up really good. but dont use the knee high ones they dont stay up

  2. Tanya

    Most do, just make sure you get the right size. Some have special lining on the elastic like a strapless bra so it will stay stuck on your skin better and not slide around.

  3. Maria T

    Yes,they do. Just make sure you get the right size. You chose the size based on your height and weight, just look on the back of the package. As long as you get the right size you’ll be good. Also, if you’re getting the skin colored ones, make sure you get a color that will fit your skin-tone the best. I prefer the ones from Victoria’s Secret 🙂

  4. Cinnamon

    They do for some people and not for others. I’ve never had any luck with them staying up on their own, even with the rubber lining. That is why garter belts were invented.

  5. pj

    Then I guess I’m buying the wrong ones. I have to get them one size bigger and pull them all the way up to keep them there. And I don’t buy cheap ones.

  6. truthbtold

    get a good brand. thigh highs should have the rubber stuff like the strapless bras. get the right size or you will have no luck. usually they stay but the sure do itch!

  7. fordcoupe96

    It varies with the individual and the type of thigh hi.If you will be wearing them for most of the day/night I would suggest a garter belt. Once they fall they will continue to do so and you will have to pull them back up.

  8. bill45310252

    Most of the time Yes they do. The cheaper ones with a thin rubber band at the top not so much the ones with a wide rubber surrounded by soft lace stay up fine. You may want to have garters just to make sure. But most with lace top stay up on their own. The exception would be if your thighs are thin. Then they may fall. If your going to use a Garter you may want to go with regular or sheer stockings rather than a Thigh High and save the extra money as you will not be using the extra rubber any way. I would say on average you can save 50%-75% or more cost wise buying stockings over thigh highs, depending on sheer, fishnet, or lace product.

  9. hotstuff

    It depends on the make and your build. I find them less comfortable and less sheer than the regular ones that take the garter belt. The elastic bothers me, and the consistency is more like pantyhose than real nylons. Plus, the garter belts are way sexier, at least that’s what the I’m told by the guys I know.

  10. Courtney

    Some do, and some don’t. I prefer to wear a garter belt, they are very comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about the elastic tops showing. If it was up to my hubby, that’s all I would wear. I guess all guys love a garter belt and stockings.

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