11 thoughts on “Poll: Ladies nylons, seam up the back or not?”

  1. they are cute that way but they are made that way very much anymore. thats like 1940’s style.

  2. No, please don’t make me wear the nylons! It’s a bear to get the seam straight everytime!

  3. You think we all have tickle fights in our bra and panties too, don’t you?

  4. Seam up the back…..
    That is hot….
    but normally I do not wear nylons…
    Though in the winter I wear tights…
    It is a leftover from my Catholic School days….

  5. Hmmmm – I prefer no hose at all. They are hot & bothersome. Or maybe that was no CLOTHES at all…….Hmmmmmm……

  6. lori says:
    February 9, 2010 at 4:59 am
    I wear both, just depends upon the outfit and occasion.

    You hit it right on the nose. seemed Nylons have to be worn with the right outfit

  7. Seamed nylons are classy and I love them with traditional suits. But I prefer seamed hose worn with a garter belt to seamed pantyhose, which are impossible to get straight. Pantyhose are also much too hot in the summer, whereas regular hose with a garter belt are nice and cool under a skirt.

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