For garter belts what type of stockings do you wear?

I bought a garter belt (my boyfriends birthday is coming up) and I want to look extra sexy. I just can’t figure out what type of stockings to buy? Is there certain ones with holes? Or do garter belts work a certain way? I can’t figure out how to attach them…

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  1. Ms.Tiny

    Thigh High Fishnets! You attach the garter belt to the fishnets (in back of your thigh and in front)

  2. fiona

    Any stockings. The garter fastenings grip the material so they don’t need to have holes in them. You just place the top of the stocking in between the two bits of the fastener, push the round lump bit through the hole and then down the narrow part. The material gets stuck inside the fastener and holds the stockings up.

  3. malinarana

    Attach clips as deep as possible into welt, otherwise you risk popping clasps. If you find those little ribbons over suspender tabs, remove them all. They only irritate, And of course panties go always on top.

  4. Nicole

    If you are looking for brand I wear Victoria’s Secret. I would stay away from fishnets. As other pointed out the stockings do not have holes in them to accomodate the garter belt. The garter belt clip pushes the stocking up and then clips it so they stay up.

    The girls at VS can show you how they work…I am sure that they get this request all the time.

  5. annette_1125

    Garter belts actually attach to any type of thigh highs. Obviously the most slimming thigh highs are black… but you can make it fun by getting any color like ivory, white, pink, red etc. Some stores carry thigh highs with a really pretty lace design around the top… or a silk ribbon. Fish net thigh highs are pretty popular too but you have to have super skinny legs in order for them to be super flattering. Here is a video about how to attach your garter belt…. it might take you a few tries (it took me a while my first try! lol) So maybe it would be best to practice before the big day…. 🙂 Good luck !

  6. angie

    This from a long time male wearer. I never fasten my garters really deep in the welt. That’s a sure formula for laddering the stockings, particularly if the garters are snugly fastened. Fastening my garters near the top of the welt distributes the stress of the garters evenly around the welt and helps to prevent laddering. And my garters can be fastened very snugly as I like.

  7. Alli

    Theoretically, any thigh high stocking with a wide welt (the band of lace or doubled hose at the top of a stocking) can be worn with a garter belt.
    In practice, thigh highs with anti-slip grip don’t work very well, and most thigh highs are anti-slip. The thick band of no-slip silicone around the inside top of the stocking doesn’t fit into the garter clip and keeps it from closing. Check the packaging and avoid any that call themselves “stay-ups”, or which advertise extra grip.
    It can be difficult to find stockings without the ring of silicone inside the welt, especially if you’re not in a specialty store and don’t want to spend a lot of money on fully-fashioned stockings or similar. If this is the case and you’re stuck with Walmart options: try to choose a pair with the thinnest silicon for a better chance of them fitting in the garter clips, OR, buy an inexpensive pair of garter nylons, which are a style of panty hose. Instead of a control top, they have a built-in, fake garter top sewn onto the stockings. Snip off the garter top so you can wear them with your own garter belt.
    I do not recommend seamed stockings, or those with vertical patterns unless you have a garter belt with at least 6 garter clips, preferably 8, because they look poorly if they twist, which they’ll do if you only have 4 clips.
    To dress:
    1) If you’ve never worn the garter before, loosen the extender straps on each garter before putting it on.
    2) Put the garter belt on around your natural waist and straighten it. Hint: the shortest straps go in the front. Give it a tug to ensure it isn’t too loose and won’t slide down. You will not have underpants on at this time, but some women like to put the garter belt on over their camisole. Not the sexiest look, but it keeps the cami from riding up and bunching.
    3) Pull on your stockings. Ensure they are straight and not twisted.
    4) Clip the front garters on top of your thighs to the welt of your stockings.
    If you look at a garter clip under the ribbon, you’ll see they consist of a loop of wire around a round button. Slide the wire loop forward, which allows you to then lift the wire loop up, off the button. Slip the welt of your stocking between the button and the wire loop, then close the wire loop over the button, and pull it back to secure in place and trap the stocking between the loop and button.
    5) Adjust the straps you just attached. What you’re going for: when standing straight up and down, both front straps are tight enough to hold the stockings up and lie flat against you, without being so tight that they pull the stockings up. The top of the stockings should be fairly straight across, not pulled into a point, which can cause rips. Tug the straps a little to ensure they won’t pop off.
    6) Sit down or put your foot on a toilet or chair so your leg is in a 90 degree “Captain Morgan” pose.
    7) While sitting, grab the back garters, pull them over your bum to the back middle of your thigh, and clip them to the stockings.
    8) Still in this position, tighten the straps you just attached until they lay flat against the backside of you without digging in. If you make them too tight, they’ll cut into you and be uncomfortable when you sit. Too loose, and the backs will droop, but too loose is better than too tight.
    9) Stand up straight again. Ensure everything is not twisted; attach any remaining clips. Note: The back straps will be looser while you stand. Do not tighten them or you’ll be sorry when you sit down again.
    10) Pull underpants on over the stockings and garter belt.
    11) If you’re wearing a slip, put that on. This will help keep any ribbons or sticking-out bits from showing through your dress.

  8. Pauly

    You can also use the garter belts with pacifier clips. They’re like suspender clips but with a nylon insert. Put the garter belt on, then the stockings. Clip the front clips. slide the back of the garter belt down a few inches to give the rear straps slack. Fasten the rear straps then pull the garter belt back up to normal position. No tug of war with the rear straps!

  9. angie

    Stayups or thigh highs don’t stay up, but they almost do. With my stayups, I wear a very short strap garterbelt with only a single garter to the side and large metal clasps that can be fastened to the stocking welt. I pull the stockings up and fasten them snugly to the two garters. The stockings are up snugly all the way to my crotch and well above my crotch where they are fastened. The feeling is just wonderful. Try it!

  10. spoozo

    I like very long stockings right up to my crotch and tightly fastened, So I wear opera length stockings which can be pulled up snugly to my crotch. I fasten them snugly with an eight short strap garterbelt with the rear straps all the way to the back. I reach back between my legs to fasten the rear straps. Fastening my garters is one of the real joys of wearing stockings.

  11. Polly

    It’s like a pair of pants. Put the garter belt on but not all the way, like mid thigh. Sit down. Now attach the stocking clips having plenty of slack. Now pull the stockings and garter belt up together. Adjust garters for length. Polly

  12. Polly

    It’s so sad. In the 1960’s and 1970’s most all girls wore miniskirts, 20 denier, sheer, suntan, not nude, nylons and 2″ block heel Mary Jane’s or 2″ block heel Loafers. Spike heels were looked as dated and what old ladies wore. Either stockings and garterbelts in the 1960’s or pantyhose in the 1970’s. Men loved the look then and now. On my way to Afghanistan in the mid 2000’s I noticed girls in Europe were once again wearing miniskirts, sheer, suntan pantyhose and heels. The rare woman wearing a skirt today is alas bare legged. Bare legs are like unvarnished furniture! And nude shade looks like boiled chicken!

  13. angie

    I’m a guy. I’ve worn all kinds of stockings with my garterbelts under my normal mens wear. Right now, I’m wearing beige from Shop National with my 6 strap belt. But I’ve worn garterbelts with my lovely fishnets, and even with fencenets. Putting on garter stockings is SO SO much fun. I love pulling them up my legs, reaching in back to fasten the rear garters and then the others. I have garterbelts with as many as sixteen straps.

  14. spoozo

    My wife (now sadly gone) and I always wore stockings while enjoying our sex. We usually wore six or eight short strap garterbelts. We would fasten our front garters to the other’s stockings. Then, with each deep thrust, the straps would tighten and then relax. The sensation is absolutely marvelous. My wife usually achieved two or three throbbing orgasms during sex climaxing with mine in a grand finale.
    Try it! You’ll love it.

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