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How to Put on a Garter Belt

Many of us enjoy the look of garter belts and stockings but there are many of us who may never have had the opportunity to wear this type of hosiery before. If you are having a difficult time getting prepared for a night in the bedroom where a garter belt will play a role, here is a simple set of instructions that will help you to get ready, and to make sure that you are looking your best.

One of the first things that you need to do is to make sure that the garter belt fits correctly. It should sit around the waistline and fit without dropping, but you would not want it to be too tight. Typically, there will be a size chart that you can use as a guide and you should measure loosely around the waist in order to match your size. Along with the size of the garter belt, you also want to choose the material and this can make a large difference in the way that it fits, as well as the way that it looks.

There are going to be a number of different clasps on the garter belt, usually between 4 and 12. For use in the bedroom, where you’re not really going to be trying to hold the stockings up for a long period of time, 4 clasps is usually going to be enough. Most men, as well as women also consider this to be the better looking option. You can also go with additional clasps as well, as this will give you the option of wearing the garter belt underneath your clothing and not having to worry about losing your stockings in the middle of the day.

Make sure that any garter belt you choose is adjustable, and that the straps are going to allow you to tighten the hose properly. When tightening the straps on the back of the hose, you would want to lift one leg up on a chair or other piece of furniture in order to make sure that the length is long enough so that it does not detach when stretched. Finally, you will attach the stockings to the garter belt using the clasps that are available. Make sure that you choose nylons which have the thicker top, known as a welt, as this will give the additional material that will help to keep the two attached properly.