Emma victim of body shaming: criticized for legs and fishnet stockings

«Good morning everyone from the Middle Ages».

Thus begins Emma on Instagram. The singer doesn’t mince words to introduce a series of Stories in which she responds to who she has criticized the fishnet stockings worn in Sanremo. Not so much a criticism of the garment combined with the Gucci total look sported by the singer, but at his legs considered ill-suited to that eye-catching detail.

Emma on the Ariston stage in a total Gucci look. The singer was criticized for a detail: “If you have an important leg, avoid wearing fishnet stockings.” Her answer is an exhortation to women to love and respect each other (Getty)

The criticism of Emma about legs and stockings
The singer arrived on the Ariston stage wearing a black dress with a bold slit embellished with a detail that did not go unnoticed: fishnet stockings. To complete her look, her make-up with focus on her eyes. “Wonderful” we thought in many. But not all of them. “If you have an important leg, avoid wearing fishnet stockings»Is the criticism addressed to the singer by those who think that her legs do not fall within the canons of absolute beauty that are served up by society. And, therefore, she is “unworthy” to be shown off with a certain type of stockings. But Emma doesn’t fit. And on Instagram she sends a message to all the girls.
The comment shared by the singer in the Instagram Stories (@real_brown)

Your body is perfect the way it is
«Body shaming with a language politically correct… I don’t know if it’s more embarrassing or boring »says the Italian music star. Without a trace of makeup, natural, Emma uses Instagram stories to urge girls to go beyond certain messages and to love their bodies. «I address myself above all to the girls, to the very young ones. Here: avoid listening and reading such comments. Your body is perfect as it is, you have to love and respect it, and above all you have to dress as you please, whether you have important legs or not.“. A very strong message from him. Which goes even further.
Another look of Emma in Sanremo (Photo Getty)

Show your legs with stockings and miniskirt
Everyone must be proud of their body. Every woman must love and respect herself. These are the values ​​that the singer wants to convey. Celebrating true beauty, natural beauty that doesn’t have to deal with weights, measures and shapes. “With the fishnet stockings also match a nice miniskirt and show her, these important legs»Urges Emma on social media. That she never hid her strength and her character. «This makes me realize that my song was apparently necessary in this Sanremo. Yes, because it is still necessary to talk about feminism, about women, and about respect for women. So please, girls: don’t listen to this kind of comment and be proud of your body and show it for what it is, because people forget that words have a specific weight, an important weight ».
This is all very embarrassing
Emma, ​​however, does not hide her embarrassment in sharing what happened. And in the Stories she is visibly tried for these decidedly out of place words. Her words are an attack on women, on the female body, on beauty. “There are those who know how to handle them and live them with irony and those who unfortunately are behind this way of doing things, especially on social networks where everyone talks, judges, insults, doesn’t realize that maybe there is someone who reads and is very fragile , and risks falling into an endless black hole. But it’s really all very embarrassing, I have to say this. I now go back to doing a lot of beautiful things, however, it was very important for me to say this because you can no longer be silent about the fact that anyone can talk about another person in such an incorrect way“.
Fishnet stockings are a detail worn by the singer in many Sanremo looks (Getty)

Star and body shaming
What happened to Emma shows that there is still a lot to do. They are a lot the stars who have mobilized against body shaming: from Billie Eilish to Katy Perry. Who have decided to fight stereotypes and prejudices with the most powerful weapon they have at their disposal: discovering their own body and putting it on display, spreading the culture of body positivity. Yet it is enough for Emma to wear fishnet stockings to label one leg as “important”. True, Emma is right: it’s all embarrassing. And very offensive. Towards her and towards all women.

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