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Emma and the comment on fishnet stockings: “Enough body shaming, words have weight” (Wednesday 9 February 2022) «When you have important legs you avoid them socks to net», The words of a journalist, referring to a look of his from Sanremo. But the singer doesn’t fit in: «It’s not a point of view, it’s a criticism of the body. And your body, girls, is perfect as it is, dress as you like and show her these important legs “Read on vanityfair


Yranidro : RT @PrimoIlPrimo: Davide Maggio, the one who sentences, offends and blocks anyone who thinks differently from him, accuses Emma Marrone of having… – FirstThe First : Davide Maggio, the one who sentences, offends and blocks anyone who thinks differently from him, accuses Emma Marrone for … – krimarty : @ biancastella002 But here we talk about the conception that this guy has about women and about many other things. The comment … – livelifeVale : @GianfrancoSanni look at that emma just said that girls don’t have to listen to that comment … because even one … – livelifeVale : RT @Simnetta: Dear Mr. @davidemaggio, it is not necessary to be a fan of #emmamarrone @MarroneEmma to understand how inadequate his was… –

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Embarrassing and boring body shaming: Emma versus Davide Maggio. What happened
by Alice Scaglioni The singer replied to the comment of the journalist Davide Maggio on his outfit in Sanremo 2022 (“If you have an important leg … of the homonymous blog Davide Maggio and the singer Emma …

Davide Maggio criticizes Emma: ‘With big legs, avoid fishnet stockings’. Her: ‘Bodyshaming from the Middle Ages’
Davide Maggio ad Emma Brown: ‘If you have an important leg, avoid fishnets’ The long-distance battle started after a comment of the TV blogger on the clothing of the Salento singer, …
Emma, ​​a story to respond to body shaming: “It is still necessary to talk about feminism” Light
“Emma, ​​with that important leg, don’t wear a miniskirt”, she replies indignantly: “It’s body shaming” ilmattino.it
“If you have big legs, avoid fishnets.” Emma replies in kind Today.it
Sanremo 2022, Emma to the reporter: “Enough body shaming, words have weight” Adnkronos
Emma Marrone got angry * with the journalist Davide Maggio. Him: “With big legs, avoid socks … Daily fact
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Emma against body shaming
Emma Marrone, who on the Sanremo stage told about the freedom of women beyond all stereotypes (“we are saints or whores, every time it is like this”), does not even send them to say via social media. With a series of …

Emma Marrone accuses Davide Maggio of bodyshaming: “My body is perfect like this” and he: “Shame on you”
Davide Maggio had criticized the look sported by Emma Marrone at the Sanremo 2022 Festival: “If you have an important leg, you avoid putting on …

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