6 thoughts on “What is your opinion of the elastic in thigh high nylons?

  1. joeyboy_816

    Thigh highs are for little girls and Stockings are for woman
    Wear stockings held up with a garterbelt, Its the new hot trend and glamouruos and bombshell sexy

    I recomend vintage stockings with RHT ( reinforced heels and toes) to avoid runs Look up RHT stockings on ebay , your stocking size is your shoe size plus 2 so if you wear a size 7 shoe you wear a size 9 stocking

    Vintage stockings make your legs look absolutely awsome and drives men wild

  2. Sarah B

    If you are worried the garter belt suggestion is great. The elastics are actually pretty good, I’ve worn em to dances, but if your not comfortable in them you may be fiddeling with them all night and not enjoying yourself.

  3. lostinlove

    go with garters. I wore thigh highs to work once and they rolled down and it was pretty miserable.

  4. mmayhem

    the thigh high (stay-up) nylons are better than full nylons. I always find that the regular nylons twist around my ankles. So yes you are worrying about nothing….thigh high pantyhose are the best !

  5. crazy nana

    The elastic in the thigh-highs is really pretty good and dependable. I don’t like them cause I constantly feel like I need to pull them up, even when they don’t need it. If I was you I would wear them around the house all day before the dance and just see what you think. Have fun….

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