5 thoughts on “Pantyhose (sheer tights) question for Women?

  1. Ms. Laura

    Wearing stockings with jeans, is to shape us. I’m quite sure that, the high, high, knee high would defeat that purpose, not mentioning the issue of falling down, depending on the size of the thigh or the tightness of the jeans. Also they would leave an indentation where they end, on the thigh. I definitely suggest sheer pantyhose. They’ve been my best friend since I’ve gained some unwanted weight. The stockings help me to be a bit more comfortable, and they look “DAMN” good. Good Luck !!

  2. roby04401

    Basically, it’s a “catch-22” for me. I prefer sandaltoe because you can wear them openly with sandals, however, reinforced toe saves you a lot of wears by lowering the risk of snags, runs, and gaping toe-holes. If I don’t have to wear sandals, I go with reinforced toe for the above mentioned reason.

  3. KimW

    I prefer to wear pantyhose the majority of the time – even in jeans or slacks. I tend to buy more reinforced toe for durability purposes and I never wear open toed shoes with hose (so the appearance of the reinforced toe doesn’t matter).

  4. bearmtnexp

    Reinforced or enhanced toe. Knee highs are good if it is hot outside and you don’t need/want a little extra support, thighs highs are just silly with pants. I usually wear pantyhose daily.

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