30 thoughts on “What do you think about garter belts and stockings?

  1. mizkrly

    I would love to wear them if i had some, unfortunatly i dont. I figure i dont have anyone to show them to so i dont have any :o(

  2. Teresa T

    they’re fun but bf thinks its too much to take off so sometimes i just wear the top and panties.

  3. alien sex fiend

    I like dressing up to, I especially love garter belts, but unfortunately my boyfriend much rather have me naked… I take so much effort in getting all dressed up for him too. Whatever makes him happy though…

  4. Mustang Nik~Mikey's KittyKat

    I think they’re sexy, let me ask my guy tonight and see what he says. Now I’m curious.

  5. Are You Cereal? (Back for more)

    I have no qualms about your choice of attire 🙂 Only 4 inchers? What happened to the clear 8’s I gave you with the goldfish inside on Cinco de Mayo?

  6. donniez369

    What every you wear you will make sexy as long as you feel sexy. If 4″ heels makes you feel ‘randy’ then put them on. Cause you feeling sexy makes me happy.

  7. opyankees_06

    Love your style….wear your stockings and garters anytime you want. Love to see a woman flash just a hint of the garter strap to gain my attention.

  8. The bear

    I love it and find it very erotic. It’s like beautiful ornaments on a Christmas tree. I am spellbound and can’t wait to open the special gifts waiting for me beneath.

  9. Oscar L

    You mean with a skirt just above the knees?
    Oh yes, that very much beautifully completes the picture.

  10. Matt

    Any guy that doesn’t appreciate you wearing such gorgeous lingerie isn’t worth your time. Garter belts and stockings are incredibly sexy. Not only are they exciting to see on a woman but the confidence they seem to give women that wear them is just as exciting and desirable.

  11. Amethyst ♥ Phoenix

    I agree. I love wearing them. Makes you feel amazing.

    Some guys want bare because they don’t want to bother, but most like them. At least that’s what I’ve gathered.

  12. Pudntane

    My Question Exactly!! Thank You!! I am dumb enough to wear 5″ heels just to make my legs look better In Stockings!! (I will break my neck someday!) I was so shocked you asked this. I get excited when I wear stockings and a garter belt. I drive all the way to Dallas (1500 miles) to get what I want. They just DO IT for me.

    I do wish I had a Man to appreciate them (and appreciate Me for that reason) but I am too particular (and wary) about men, so I am waiting for a man that loves my looks too. (I have been called beautiful but we probably all have!)

    Most women don’t think about that direction for some of us. I want a man that loves me for More than my career position or for my intellect. I Want and Need a man who loves my Passion for Him And sexy lingerie. I ran across one but he is out of my reach and taken. (That really bites!) I am Hopeful, only because of him though, that there Must be more.

  13. Mobuilder / StLMo

    Dear Pudntane,
    You are on to it, Don’t stop there,8 to 12 garters, fishnets, 6″ boots or ankle straps.
    A man that has pride and respect for his woman will serve you well,along with the Love and admeration the goes with it.
    If it does not come to StLMo……..
    ie. TGI/WestCo On Facebook

  14. angie

    Very sadly, garter stockings have pretty much disappeared from the fashion scene. Just think about it. Most women under 50-55 have probably never worn garter stockings in their lives. No stocking tops, straps and bare thigh for guys to play with.

  15. angie

    I attended a very good parochial school. From 7th grade on, the girls were required to wear shear stockings with their uniforms (white blouse & blue pleated skirt. Boys had to wear jackets and ties. In hot weather (no ac), the girls would often raise their skirts showing off stocking tops, garter straps and bare thigh, We boys really enjoyed this show.

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