Upgrade Your Garter Belt in Different Ways

I don’t know a man alive that does not appreciate it when a woman wears a nice garter belt, either in a professional setting or in the bedroom. If you enjoy dressing for your man, a garter belt and stockings may be just the ticket in order to spice things up a little bit and to keep them interesting. There also may be times whenever you want to take the garter belt out of the bedroom and wear it as a fashion statement as well. Whenever this is the case, there are a number of different ways for you to upgrade what you are wearing and to make sure that you don’t have a fashion mishap along the way.

Something that you would want to take into consideration when choosing hosiery is the number of straps that are on the garter belt. Generally speaking, most garter belts will have anywhere from 4 to 12 straps that are available, and the more straps that you choose, the more security you are going to have in the garter belt itself. For use in the bedroom, where you’re really only going for the look, four straps will be ideal but whenever you’re using them to hold up your stockings during the day, opt for more straps.

The type of hosiery that you wear is also going to make a big difference in the overall look. For the professional appearance, or when you are wearing a garter under your clothes for everyday use, there are a number of different types of thigh high nylons which will work well. These come in a variety of different materials, but silk is going to be the most durable. You should also make sure that it has the thicker rim around the top where the garter belt straps will attach. For use in the bedroom, you may want to choose something that is a bit more daring and you will have additional options that are available to you.

With a little bit of looking, you can really find some interesting options that are available which will help you to upgrade your garter belt and stockings, both in the way that they look in the way that they feel. There is nothing quite like wearing these items, as they can be quite a crowd pleaser and they can help to add a little bit of spice whenever there are no crowds around.

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