Where to buy Jill Biden’s head-turning fishnet stockings

Forget comfy airplane clothing, FLOTUS chose fishnet for her jet-set style moment.

First Lady Jill Biden was spotted stepping off a plane at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on Thursday wearing fishnet-style tights that have since sparked a fashion debate.

While some critics dubbed 69-year-old Biden’s look “trashy,” others called it a moment of style inspiration for all ages.

“I don’t know where Jill Biden found those patterned tights but I like them and would buy a pair in a heartbeat,” declared one fan on Twitter.

First Lady Jill Biden deplanes upon arrival at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on April 1.POOL/AFP via Getty ImagesIf you fall on the latter end of the spectrum when it comes to the patterned hosiery, your next step may be to search where to get a pair for yourself. While the exact designer or brand of Biden’s floral-pattern tights is still unknown, here are some fishnet and fishnet-inspired options — just don’t forget the black booties or private jet for the full effect.

Neiman MarcusFeel fancy and floral in these tights from Emilio Cavallini, sold at Neiman Marcus for under $30. The tights are sheer, but not fishnets, as they do cover the whole leg in a light black fabric with lace rose decoration from the toe to thigh.

SheinWe were shocked, too, that one of the closest matches to the first lady’s stockings were found for just $3 at Shein, but here they are. The patterned tights have a very similar checkered floral design, with larger flowers decorating the legs. They are only sold in one size on the site but are made with a stretchy nylon and spandex blend.

Bloomingdale’sThe Falke brand lace tights feature abstract flowers in a repeating pattern all down the leg, making for a fun geometric style. The fishnets are sold in small, medium or large, and come in black.

Neiman MarcusSold at Neiman Marcus, these sheer tights satisfy the delicate fishnet aspect of Biden’s tights but feature a feather design as opposed to her floral pattern. The tights come in black and range in size from S to XL.

Neiman MarcusControl yourself, because these may be your new favorite tights. The stockings are sold at Neiman Marcus and have a built-in control top to keep you feeling as fabulous as the first lady. They range in size from S to XL and come in black.

Saks Fifth Avenue This style of floral fishnet is a classic, with large roses and abstract flowers decorating the fishnet leg. They can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue and come in four sizes from S to XL.

AmazonIf you simply can’t decide on a style or want to rock the first lady’s look almost every day of the week, this six-pack from Amazon is the way to go. The bundle includes six different patterns, including a few floral, a traditional fishnet and some other fun ones like animal print and chevron.

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