Trigger Unveils Announcement Video for New Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Anime Project – News

Trigger: Rights reverted to Trigger, “we have enough ideas for 10 seasons, film”

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Studio Trigger unveiled an official announcement video for its new Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt anime project during its Anime Expo panel on Saturday. The video features footage from the previous anime.

© Trigger, Hiroyuki ImaishiTrigger confirmed that the rights to the IP reverted from Gainax to Trigger. The “New Panty and Stocking” title in the visual above is only tentative.
Shigeto Koyama will return to work on the show as designer. Trigger also noted that Sushio wants to work as key animator on the show, but Trigger did not officially confirm his work on the project.
Trigger staff at the panel stressed that there might be stories in the new show that will be difficult to pull off today, but they plan to do it anyway. The staff jokingly noted that they have “so many ideas” that they could produce 10 seasons and a film that could be about “The Battle of Hoover Dam,” referencing the notable event from the video game Fallout: New Vegas, with season 6 being portrayed in picture books, and season 8 in figurines. The staff stressed that the studio can “do whatever [it] wants” on the show.
The 13-episode anime originally aired in 2010. Funimation released the anime on home video in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2019.
Hiroyuki Imaishi directed the anime at GAINAX. Geek Fleet was in charge of series composition, and the music featured songs from Teddyloid, Booty Bronx, Taku Takahashi, and more. Atsushi Nishigori was in charge of the character design.
Sources: Studio Trigger’s AX 2023 panel (Darius Washington), Studio Trigger’s Twitter account

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