The lady with the drooping stockings finally shares her story (letter to the editor)

If you ever had to commute during a transit strike, I don’t have to tell you how much “fun” it is! I had only recently returned to the business world in the city when one particular strike was in the works. My sister and I decided that our best route to work would be via the Staten Island Rapid Transit, since it was one of the few options we had. Back in the day, women didn’t wear pants to business and on those hot summer days, pantyhose wasn’t very comfortable. But lucky for me, I found a new, more convenient and modern style hose — no need for a garter belt or girdle.Since it was our first day back to work during the strike, I was content accepting to meet up with the additional crowds in transit. And off to work we went. Since there was standing room only in all the train cars, when our stop arrived, we climbed aboard and made our way to the St. George ferry terminal.And then it happened!With every bump along the way, I could feel my new stylish stockings sliding down each leg. Whew, I began to sweat. And then I had a plan. When all the passengers exit, I’ll sit down and remove my stockings and then be the last one to exit. Did I have a choice? Being a native Staten islander and having good manners and expecting my neighbors to behave the same way, I wasn’t actually pushed off the train, but gently escorted and found myself in the terminal still with stockings around my ankles in that embarrassing position.My sister yelled to me to run toward the closing doors, but my pace was slow and even though I made a wholehearted attempt to reach the closing doors, I was left all alone in that position. I walked, ran, crouched over holding onto each stocking with both hands. In my travels, I noticed the shoe shine station on the right side of the terminal with men, dressed in suits and ties, following my path.After all these years, I confess to being the lady with the drooping stockings walking/half running across the ferry terminal. And now you know my name!(Carol Razzano Dispensa is a Midland Beach resident.)

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