The Best Thigh-High Stockings | April 2023

People wear thigh-high stockings as alluring parts of many outfits. They fit well underneath skirts, dresses, shorts, pants and other bottoms. You can wear them with the tops (often lacy) showing or hidden to really change up your look.
When purchasing thigh-high stockings, one of the most important things to consider is the material. You wear stockings against your skin, so you’ll want them to feel good. Two of the most common materials used in stockings are nylon and spandex. Tights with higher percentages of spandex will be stretchier. Sometimes, tall people or people with larger bodies prefer them for this reason. On the other hand, nylon makes hosiery feel silky and soft.
You can find thigh-high stockings available in many colors. Some of the most common include shades of black and a variety of skin tones. If you know the outfit you want to complete, you can match it to the tights you buy with more unique colors or a mesh pattern.
Thigh-high stockings also differ in other ways. Some of them appear shinier and some are closer to sheer. While lace is the most common design on the top, some people prefer solid color or another design.
Most thigh-high stockings are stay-up, meaning they have a non-sticky adhesive material at the top, so they don’t slide down your legs. However, for others, you’ll need a garter belt and straps to keep them up. This is a bit more complicated, but you don’t have to worry about the adhesive loosening (especially if you sweat) or the tights slipping down while you wear them.

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