Shio Ohayou displays elegance while in a bikini and then pattern fishnet stockings during Byleth cosplays

Byleth was originally met with a lukewarm response from fans upon being announced as the final challenger for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Fighter Pass Vol. 1 on January 16, 2020. Even though Byleth is the eighth Fire Emblem rep that’s playable in the game’s massive roster, players have since warmed up to Byleth’s inclusion.

Over the years, we’ve certainly noticed how often fans like to cosplay as the female version of Byleth. Needless to say, we recently stumbled upon Shio Ohayou’s Instagram page which showcases a number of photos depicting her in Byleth cosplays.

In some of Shio Ohayou’s, we can see a take on the “Fell Star’s Duo” version of Byleth from Fire Emblem Heroes. Though Fell Star’s Duo Byleth does not appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, or Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, it’s a version of Byleth that tends to be pretty popular with fans.

Unlike a number of other cosplayers that we’ve highlighted, Shio Ohayou has actually teamed up with another cosplayer who’s playing out the part of Rhea, also in swimsuit attire. Notably, these characters’ histories are linked due to their connections with Sothis, the goddess within the story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Although Byleth and Rhea look fairly defenseless together as the Fell Star’s Duo, they are not to be underestimated. Eagle-eyed observers should almost immediately be able to spot the dagger that’s tied to Byleth’s hip, which is properly represented in Shio Ohayou’s cosplay.

It should also be noted that Byleth has been granted the ability to use Divine Pulses to undo certain mistakes. Of course, Byleth was able to earn herself the title of “Ashen Demon” amongst mercenaries even before acquiring this ability from Sothis.

Meanwhile, Rhea is armed with the ability to undergo a terrifying transformation should the need arise. In certain story routes for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Rhea can be a fierce opponent as a result of this.

Check out Shio Ohayou’s cosplay of Fell Star’s Duo Byleth below:

Shio Ohayou has also done a remarkably good job cosplaying as Byleth as she is traditionally seen. Uniquely, Shio Ohayou actually utilizes an extendable version of the Sword of the Creator in some of her cosplay photos.

Byleth’s unique pattern fishnet stockings and “stomach window” also appear to have been accurately captured by Shio Ohayou’s cosplay of Byleth. We can see that Shio Ohayou is able to represent Byleth both with her dark teal blue and mint green styles, which has significance within the story itself.

Check out Shio Ohayou’s shots of default Byleth (colors 2 and 8 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) and Byleth’s “Enlightened One” class from Fire Emblem: Three Houses below:

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