See Sophie Turner In Fishnet Stockings

Sophie Turned strutted the red carpet of the Academy Museum Gala rocking eye-catching floral fishnet stockings.

By Britta DeVore
| Published 4 hours ago

While we await more news on whether or not we can expect to see her pop up in Deadpool 3, Sophie Turner is wasting no time turning heads at the Academy Museum’s Gala. The Game of Thrones star recently shared some photos of her big night out on the rose surrounded carpet, which you can see above, decked out in fishnets and a Louis Vuitton look, while cozying up to her husband, Joe Jonas. As stunning as ever, the couple both donned their own runway looks with Sophie sticking to a brown jacket and black skirt combo, and Joe choosing a sleek black leather outfit with multiple adornments to pop.
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ big night out was to celebrate the museum’s gala, which saw the attendance of a multitude of other well known celebrities. Awards were handed out, speeches were made, and those dedicated to the craft of motion pictures were honored at the Academy Museum’s annual event. Along with Turner and Jonas, famous faces including Eddie Redmayne, Jessica Chastain, Lee Byung Hun, Natasha Lyonne, and many others were in attendance. 
While Sophie Turner wasn’t in the running for any honors this time around, the actress has had a great year of exciting new projects coming out for viewers to feast their eyes on. Earlier in 2021, she was involved in HBO’s dramatized version of the true-crime case, The Staircase. In it, a man is accused of murdering his wife who allegedly fell to her death via a staircase inside their home.
Sophie Turner in The StaircaseThe case became the target of a documentary that landed on Netflix several years ago and between several twists, turns, and complicated family dynamics, it was a no-brainer to turn it into a scripted series. Along with Sophie Turner, The Staircase boasted a recognizable call sheet that included Toni Collette, Colin Firth, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Parker Posey. This year would also see the actress make her way onto Netflix in a feature length production.
Do Revenge came out just last month and was a huge hit for the streaming platform. Sophie Turner held down a supporting role in the Jennifer Kaytin Robinson-helmed production that starred another incredible lineup including Riverdale‘s Camila Mendes, Stranger Things‘ Maya Hawke, and Euphoria‘s Austin Abrams. Pulling its story from Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train, the film followed two high school students who were carrying out each other’s revenge plots.
A departure from her previous roles in dramatic productions, her appearance in Do Revenge saw Sophie Turner as a preppy high school girl and the target of Camila Mendes’ character’s eye. Holding one of the most quotable scenes in the movie, Turner’s Erica insists she doesn’t use cocaine as she gets hauled away to a rehab facility. Although it was a smaller part than we’ve seen for Turner in the past, her role was an absolute scene stealer. 

While it’s been almost four years since Game of Thrones went off the air, Sophie Turner is still proving to be the queen of every red carpet she struts down. With so many career opportunities on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what award she’ll be stepping up to accept next. 

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