See Heidi Klum Show Off Her Legs In Fishnet Stockings In Sexy Video

Heidi Klum showcased her long legs in fishnet stockings for a new sexy video on Instagram.

By James Brizuela
| Updated 2 months ago

Heidi Klum may not be in the full-time business of being a supermodel anymore, but she can still turn heads as if she never left the runway. Klum posted a new sexy video on her Instagram, which you can see below, which showcases her long legs in fishnet stockings. The model/host showcased her new sparkly and sexy outfit while attending a drag queen brunch show in Las Vegas, which looks like it was a ton of fun.

Heidi Klum is clearly still a fan favorite, as she continually appears as a host on the hit competition show, America’s Got Talent. The current season has brought on all the winners or near winners from past seasons to challenge one another in what is called America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. The offshoot competition series is likely not going to overtake the main series, but Klum is an integral part of both.
Interestingly, Heidi Klum is also a bit of a singer, though we are not sure how successful she is currently. Her latest single is “Chai Tea with Heidi” which was released early in 2022. The song features the likes of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, and a DJ duo that goes by Wedding Cake.
Heidi Klum’s return to singing is something that many thought would never happen, but we applaud her for going out and having fun while doing so. Klum also released a song called “Wonderland” back in 2006, so it has taken her quite a long time to return to singing. Klum has dominated the modeling world, so why not try and make music?
Heidi Klum certainly radiates positivity wherever she is, and that was the case for a recent episode of America’s Got Talent. Klum convinced curmudgeon host, Simon Cowell, to take a selfie with her. The video was posted on her Instagram page and showcases Cowell making a funny face, while Klum looks on in all her beautiful glory, as she asks the man if this is his “first selfie.”
As previously mentioned, America’s Got Talent: All-Stars is currently happening right now, which has seen the competition bring back some of its recent winners and runners-up. Surprisingly missing from the list of usual hosts (Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel) for the show is Sofia Vergara, who may have had some scheduling conflicts. Vergara has also become a fan-favorite host, though we are not sure why she was not asked to be part of the new offshoot competition series.
Heidi Klum is currently 49 years old, but she is still an outstandingly beautiful woman that knows how to have fun, which has been showcased plenty on her social media pages. In fact, she decided to ditch her beautiful looks and shock everyone by dressing up as a giant worm for Halloween, which was as frightening as much as it was hilarious. Klum is a fantastic celebrity in our book, and she sure knows how to shock the world in more ways than one.

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