Rita Ora and Dua Lipa prove sexy fishnet stockings are not just for the bedroom

FASHION has fallen hook, line and sinker for fishnet stockings – as celebs showcase the sexy style at every opportunity possible.
Hollywood’s Nicole Kidman wears black criss-cross tights beneath ­tailored white shorts on the cover of Marie Claire this month, officially moving the once x-rated accessory into classy clothing territory.
5Rita Ora embraces the stylish stockings with a blue tulle top and black pants5Gwen Stefani chose a pair of white fishnets to walk down the aisle at her wedding to Blake SheltonAnd just a few weeks ago pop star Gwen Stefani glided down the aisle in a pair of white fishnets with matching cowboy boots, corset and a tulle frock to wed singer Blake Shelton.
But it doesn’t stop there.
Singers Rita Ora, Dua Lipa and Kylie Minogue have embraced the stylish stockings in recent months, pulling up their sheer nylons over big black pants — flashing the flesh and accentuating their pins.
And after months cooped up at home cuddled up watching TV in our comfy dressing gowns, it’s time we all ­rediscovered our inner vamp and swapped trusty black opaque tights for something a ­little more daring.
While some people may think the saucy legwear only belongs in the boudoir, I for one, am thrilled.
What better time to hang our inhibitions on the back of the bedroom door and wear our sexy nylons out and about rather than just for dress-up at home?

Growing up, I loved ­rummaging through my mum’s wardrobe. It was there I found — hidden at the back with a sexy black bodice — a pair of fishnets.
Of course, she insisted she’d only worn them to a Tarts and Vicars fancy dress party but sometimes I do wonder . . . 
Anyway, together with playing with Mum’s make-up box, they were my first clumsy adventure into womanhood.
And I couldn’t wait to be old enough to buy my own.
I’ve never believed fishnets should only be worn to please men — although I won’t deny that they can spice things up in the bedroom.
I’m a huge fan of wearing them as a fashion item, especially during my grunge days.
You only need look at punkish Miley Cyrus — teaming her fishnets with a tartan skirt and bleached blonde mullet — to see this is the accessory that crosses all style tribes, from rock chicks to the demure and mature like actress Nicole.
5Dua Lipa teams her fishnets with a more sporty look in her Puma campaign5Miley teams her fishnets with a red tartan skirt and bleached mulletCredit: RexBut they all have one thing in common — sex appeal.
Originating in Paris in the early 20th century, fishnets are most associated with burlesque dancers, such as the iconic Gypsy Rose Lee who wore them in the 1940s.
Dancers loved them because ­fish-netted legs looked like normal black tights from a distance, however under spotlights, the crowd would be treated to flashes of flesh.
Since then, fishnets have been considered fetishwear but they have had spells of popularity in mainstream fashion, too.
Flappers in the 1920s, movie pin-ups in the ’40s and ’50s, such as Elizabeth Taylor, through to Eighties punk rockers and then among the fashionistas of the 1990s, with top designers such as Vivienne Westwood adding them to runway shows.
5Elizabeth Taylor was one of the movie pin-ups to rock fishnet tights in the 40’s and 50’sCredit: RexWith icons like Madonna showcasing them, they have become a symbol of sexual liberation and rebellion — and many consider them to be empowering.
And now, after years in the wilderness, my favourite style of nylons — along with sequins and shimmer and all things glam — are back with a post-lockdown bang.
Whether you want to look suitably stylish or subtly sexy, the wide range of fishnets on the high street will mean there is a pair for you.
From Pretty Little Thing to Calzedonia and Marks & Spencer, these tights are everywhere.
So before you plump for a thick pair of black woollies as autumn looms, take a look around, and embrace your inner sex goddess.
You will feel like a million dollars.
Rita Ora poses in thong bikini as she sunbathes by the pool in Australia

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