‘My Teenage Girl’ 15-Year-Old Contestant Draws Mixed Opinions for Wearing Garter Belt During Performance

A middle school-aged contestant draws mixed opinions for wearing a garter belt during her performance on MBC’s survival show “My Teenage Girl.” Keep on reading for all the details.
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15-Year-Old Contestant Draws Mixed Opinions for Wearing Garter Belt During Performance on MBC’s ‘My Teenage Girl’
On December 5, MBC aired their latest episode of “My Teenage Girl.” In this episode, the mentors and judges continued the evaluation stages from the previous week, also known as entrance exams.
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In this episode, best friends Won Ji Min and Joo Hyo Rin, who are both second-year middle school students, performed Red Velvet – IRENE&SEULGI’s song “Monster.” During the VCR before the full-scale stage, Girls’ Generation member Yuri and Ock Joo Hyun, who are both serving as mentors on the show, commented that the stage looked very mature.
The two performed a different choreography from the original, using tables and chairs as props to their dancing. The two also showed off sensual expressions that matched the song’s theme.
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In particular, Won Jimin drew attention to her due to her outfit. She wore a cropped shirt that emphasized her waistline and a garter belt on her thigh for this stage. In addition, the idol danced on a chair and climbed on the table during the performance, showing off a mature and adult-like vibe.
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After the stage, Yuri praised Won Jimin, saying that she was reminded of Jo Bo Ah while watching her perform. Won Jimin was commended for being a good singer and dancer and stated that she would be the center if Won Jimin were in a girl group.
Many who watched the performance admired Won Jimin’s beauty but questioned why she wore a garter belt. A garter belt is worn as an undergarment to hold up stockings. In K-pop, it is often worn by idols to emphasize their sexiness.
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However, as Won Jimin is a minor and is only 15 years old (Korean age; in international age, she is 13 years old), many believed that wearing a garter belt is too scandalous for her.
Furthermore, people questioned why she was allowed to wear something seen as provocative and sexy on stage at her age and hoped that she steers away from that concept due to how young she is.
Won Jimin and Joo Hyorin both passed the entrance exam stages and moved on towards the next stage of the competition.
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What is ‘My Teenage Girl?’
“My Teenage Girl” is an MBC reality survival show that started airing on November 28, 2021. The show aims to debut a seven-member global girl group that will chart on the Billboard charts. The show allowed any female trainee over the age of 10 to join.
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Over 30,000 applications were received worldwide, and only 83 contestants were chosen. These 83 contestants were separated into four groups based on their age. Before competing on the show, all 83 contestants will perform an “entrance exam” in which only 40 will be allowed to pass, which is ten from each grade.
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