Male garter belt promises to keep shirts tucked in

Women don’t have the garter belt market cornered anymore. There’s a new design, made just for men.Are you sick of your shirt untucking and popping out of your pants?An inventor from Slovenia has created the S-HOLDER, which promises to keep your shirt perfectly tucked!RELATED: Plastic surgery trends? Butt implants and male breast reductionIt sort of looks like a male garter belt meets suspenders and works using adjustable side straps and clips that keep your shirt in place.It claims your shirt stays perfectly tucked in even when you move!You clip the shirt to two elastic bands which are worn around the thighs and they pull the shirt down.This is the brainchild of 21-year-old Nik Vene who says he came up with the idea because he hated having to re-tuck all the time.And it can be yours for $35.
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