MAFS UK star hits back at mum shamers as she strips down to her see-through underwear and fishnet stockings

A MARRIED At First Sight UK star has hit back at mum-shamers and posed in see-through underwear and fishnet stockings.
Laura Eyre, who starred on last year’s series of MAFS UK, took to Instagram to share a post showing in a series of sexy outfits.
Laura stripped to pose in a series of sexy outfitsCredit: Instagram
The 50-year-old also hit back at cruel mum-shamersCredit: Instagram
Fans saw her marry Richie during last year’s MAFSCredit: Channel 4
Revealing that she’d almost not posted the snaps, Laura told her followers: “I took these pics for fun a few weeks ago but was reluctant to post them because of some negative comments I’ve had about posting in bathing suits etc.
“Comments like ‘Mutton dressed as lamb’ and ‘your a mum you should know better’.”
But the 50-year-old insisted she’s been inspired by current MAFS UK star Ella Morgan Clark, the show’s first transgender bride.
Laura continued: “I’ve been inspired by @ellamorganc this week to be my true self and not care what anyone else thinks! So I will post what I like at ANY age feel free not to look.”

Fans rushed to comment, with one writing: “You are so stunning! Do and put on what makes you happy.”
Another said: “You look good! I’m around the same age as you and if we want to post tasteful sexy pics then why shouldn’t we?”
And a third added: “I’m 50 too and if I had your figure I’d be all over it!! You look amazing.”
Last year fans saw Laura, who is mum to two young sons, marry Richie Dews.

But their relationship appeared doomed from the start and she later made some striking claims about him.
She told The Sun: “It felt like I was dating a TV presenter because Richie was always acting whenever they were filming and concerned with how people would perceive him.
“When the cameras were off, Richie kept to himself and wasn’t as enthusiastic or caring, he didn’t ask much about me except for when they were filming.
“How can you make a relationship work if someone’s performing? I was there for realness and he wanted to come off looking fantastic.”

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