Heart Evangelista’s Genius Style Hack Using Fishnet Stockings

Stepping onto the scene at the highly anticipated Louis Vuitton Cruise 2024 show on the picturesque Isola Bella in Italy’s Lake Maggiore, Heart Evangelista effortlessly commanded attention with her striking ensemble comprised of exquisite selections from the esteemed French luxury fashion house. As expected, we can always count on the fashion maven to have the best of styling tricks up her sleeve—and this time around, she schooled us on a clever way to wear fishnet stockings!
LOOK: Heart Evangelista Wears Fishnet Stockings All the Way Up as a Clever Styling Trick

PHOTO Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The event unveiled Nicolas Ghesquière’s visionary collection, a whimsical blend of baroque opulence and neoprene that showcases a contemporary femininity intertwined with romance. Dressing for the occasion, Heart was a sight to behold in Louis Vuitton from head to toe, featuring a shiny gold and silver Capucines handbag in phyton skin, a cross-style perforated leather crop top, a mini skirt with an oversized belt, and knee-length glittery boots for a pop of red.


But the real cherry on top? Accenting her edgy black-on-black ensemble was a pair of fishnet stockings underneath that she actually pulled all the way up to her torso for a surprising style twist. (Yup, you read that right!)

PHOTO Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

PHOTO Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Heart was able to seamlessly integrate the fishnet stockings into her look that one might think it was totally intentional. An eagle-eyed netizen with a seemingly keen eye for sartorial detail dropped a question in her comment section, asking, “Are the fishnets pulled [all the] way up to make a strapless jumpsuit underneath?!?! Iconic,” she wrote. 

Confirming her genius styling hack, Heart replied: “Hahaha yes! It was too long! We make ways.”

PHOTO BY instagram/iamhearte

This ingenious move not only showcases Heart’s daring and innovative approach to fashion but also highlights the endless possibilities for creativity that one can do with styling. Being able to transform a seemingly ordinary accessory like fishnet stockings into an unexpected element of her ensemble demonstrates her prowess as a true fashion icon that thinks outside the box.
We love this cool look on you, Heart!
Can’t get enough of Heart Evangelista? Watch the exclusive Preview video below where she shares some of her most favorite designer items.

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