Don’t Hold Up On Buying A Garter Belt Like These!

If you’re looking for an amazing garter belt then look no further. We’ve collected some of the most amazing, sexy garter belts available on the web from cheap and convenient on Amazon to handmade artisanal creations.
Top Garter Belt Brands:
The garter belt has had an interesting history in various forms since historical fabrics used to make stockings didn’t have much stretch. It was therefore necessary to use ties to anchor stockings just below the knees – on men as well as women – for centuries before the arrival of elastic.
The Wedding Garter
Grace Bridal Garter Set by OneFancyDayPart of the modern garter belt’s sexy connotations come of it’s use in bridal wear. The wedding garter tradition is that the new husband removes his bride’s garter at the end of the reception – which was more like the traditional tie round the thigh. This use of garters has all sorts of meanings as a ritual – varying from loss of virginity to good luck.
The Prom Garter
That garters tradition has now extended to prom garter belts as well. Prom garters generally match the style of the dress and, like wedding garters, are a simple band around the thigh. These again mix ideas of medieval courtly love tokens as dates may swap ladies’ garters with men’s ties among other similar rituals.
The Best Garter Belts To Buy Now
It was around the 1920s that garters gave way to the belts worn above the waist. And of course for most people today the garter belt is simply an item of incredibly sexy lingerie that shapes the waist and draws attention to the upper thighs and navel. It is small wonder then that this distinctly vintage lingerie piece continues to enjoy such popularity to this day.
Buying a garter belt is a great way to feel sexy without much of an effort. They don’t cost much and are easily concealed under your everyday clothing for a more sensuous day at the office. Then when it’s time to party you’re already in your hottest outfit.
Victoria Secret Garter Belt
Of course our top garter belt was always going to be the famous lingerie leader. This Victoria Secret garter belt by Luxe Lingerie features gorgeous Chantilly lace made in comfortable elastane and polyamide. It also features a small amount of boning for shape.
When you buy the Victoria Secret garter belt don’t forget to pair it with the matching Victoria Secret panties and Dream Angels bra.

Dotties‘ Delights Vintage Lingerie
Dottie’s Delights makes some beautiful designs of vintage-inspired lingerie including garter belt sets. From sensuous “show off” designs to more practical “Nylon Power Mesh” you are sure to find your perfect array of garter belts.
Plus size garter belts are also available, with Dotties’ Delights saying “For all shapes & sizes — not just stick-thin models! This wide, sheer, elasticized belt smooths out any lumps & bumps, making you feel beautiful, sexy, and desirable.”
Nylon Power Mesh Garter Belt

The Show Off
Model: MoshPhotographer: Kimberly CapriottiHair/Makeup: MoshSet & Prop Styling: Stephanie Foley
Seven Til Midnight
Women’s All Lace Garter Belt
This cheerful and cheap garter belt on Amazon could be a good entry point if you just want to try them out. These have a nice and simple design in black lace and if they do wear out quickly then you know it’s time to upgrade.
Reviews have generally been positive although the thin clasps can be troublesome as they don’t grip much and break easily. One review certainly summed them up well with:
“My boyfriend certainly liked it, and I guess that was the whole point! I don’t think it would be a good choice if you’re planning to go out to dinner without your stockings sliding down, but for the bedroom, it serves its purpose.”
Yandy Garter Belts
Yandy High Waisted Garter Belt Skirt 

Frederick’s of Hollywood
Designed with sexy satin and intricate lace detailing, the Cameron Satin & Lace Garter Belt will unleash your sensuality.

Agent Provocateur Suspender Belts
Agent Provocateur’s silky “Felinda” suspenders are crafted in a naughty harness style cut, with the legline wrapping around each thigh and curves to the silhouette creating an enticing cutaway effect.

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