Dirty Fishnet Stockings lead singer tests positive for COVID-19

A man in Winnebago County with a confirmed case of COVID-19 speaks out. “I’ve never had my body feel so useless,” said Ted O’Donnell, tested positive for COVID-19. On March 17 O’Donnell more commonly known as the lead singer for Dirty Fishnet Stockings started to experience coronavirus-related symptoms.”Fever, very high fever body aches like I never felt before and it was debilitating and I was fatigued and tired and all I wanted to do was sleep,” O’Donnell said. so O’Donnell self-quarantined himself.”The way my wife put it to the kids is that they had to pretend I was on a business trip,” O’Donnell said. And called his doctor.”He had me come in to get tested for the flu and COVID and the flu test came back negative which was a shame because that’s what I wanted to hear,” O’Donnell said. After 11 days of waiting his doctor called with the coronavirus test results.”My doctor told me yes, you’re positive,” O’Donnell said. O’Donnell became the 12th case in Winnebago County.”I wasn’t happy,” O’Donnell said. He says his main concern is his family.”I’m asthmatic and we’ve been trying to be very cautious so it doesn’t get brought here or for my daughter who’s asthmatic and only four,” O’Donnell said. but O’Donnell is expected to make a full recovery. “I’m probably going to have some lung tissue damage and some scarring and that’s something I will have to deal with my doctor. But, some people have it worse,” O’Donnell said. If you start to feel COVID-19 symptoms experts advise you to give your doctor a call.

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